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Immun-o-flash contains active ingredients which strengthen the immune system. Although immunity is not visible, it plays an important role for the body. It protects the body against harmful influences in the living environment. The immune system records threats of harmful microorganisms and viruses. It is therefore important to do everything possible to support the functionality of the immune system. It is well-known that the immune system cannot work at the highest level constantly. It needs a setup period and a resting period. In the long run, permanent stimuli may lead to dysfunctions of the immune system. This results in an increased vulnerability to viral diseases. Following types of virus play major role in the pet area:
Avian Polyomavirus : causes higher nestling mortality of parakeets.
PBFD-Virus (Circovirus) : is well-known for beak- und feather diseases. Most often so-called young pigeon disease is associated with pigeon circovirus infection.
PDD-Virus ( Borna-Virus):is held responsible for lethal dilatation of the glandular stomach of parrots.
Application :
Immun-o-flash is not a medicinal product, but a nutritional supplement. Before you start the application of Immun-o-flash you should treat a vulnerable population with PT-12 (active ingredient: lactobacillus salivarius) for at least 10 days to stabilize the physical condition of the animals. After that, you can start with the actual application of Immun-o-flash.
Pet birds : Adult or breeding animals: Administrate Immun-oflash via grain food for 3 weeks. After a break of 3 weeks, reapply Immun-o-flash for 7 days. For an optimal result, the reapplication of Immun-o-flash should occur during the laying period. Apply Immun-o-flash 2-3 times a year for 7 to 10 days.
Young animals: Immun-o-flash is administrated to the newly hatched young birds of first brood via the parent birds for at least 10 days. The administration of Immun-o-flash to the second and third brood is also recommended. Additional applications of Frucht-mash and Sintra are proved to be beneficial for the birds. When the young birds are removed from the parents, they receive Immun-o-flash at irregular intervals (6-10 weeks) for 7 - 10 days.
Application: At the beginning, Immun-o-flash should be added to the food for 3 weeks. Take a break for 3 weeks and then reapply Immun-o-flash for 7 to 10 days. After another break of 6 weeks, Immun-o-flash should be applied for a week. Further application of Immun-o-flash should occur at long break intervals (2-3 months) for 7 days. The recommended application for young birds can be used for breeding of terrarium animals, small rodents and pet rabbits.
Dosage and Administration The recommended dosage is 8-10 g/kg food. Negative effects of overdose (even if applied for a long period) are not known.
The content of 1 dosage spoon corresponds to 3 g Immun-o-flash. This means: 3 dosage spoons/kg food. :Re-scha�s Frutin is an ideal product to bind the Immun-o-flash to the food. A detailed mixing instruction is included in the Frutin�s instruction for use.