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Magnesi-a-gold is a nutrition supplement for carrier pigeons. It contains high-quality magnesium compounds and organic calcium both contributing to a good applicability in the organism. Different protein carrier lead to an optimum amino acid relation. Omega-3-fatty acids are directly available for metabolic processes. Lecithin as an emulsion excipient supports the applicability.
High performance carrier pigeons like top athletes need magnesium as a protection against muscle overacidification and as a support for muscle contraction. Magnesium is further known for having an impact on more than 300 different metabolic processes in the body. The interaction of organic and inorganic magnesium in combination with calcium sources lead to an optimum incorporation and consequently contribute to the considered effect on the metabolism.
Magnesi-a-gold contains different protein carriers (different yeasts and graft protein). Yeasts differ in their amino acid composition. Here different yeasts were combined with regard to an optimum amino acid relation. The graft protein enhances the amino acid spectrum perfectly.
Magnesi-a-gold contains omega-3-fatty acids of a certain type. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a long-chain fatty acid extracted from special algae, not from fish. Omega-3-fatty acids extracted from algae are known to have are lower affinity for oxidation processes than those extracted from fish. Additionally the amount of DHA with effect on metabolism is higher. Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (like DHA) cannot be sufficiently synthesised from the animal organism. They must be additionally ingested with the food. Therefore fatty acids like DHA are called essential fatty acids. These important fatty acids help to keep the blood vessels open and to keep the blood fluid. DHA has a positive effect on the cell membrane. A high amount of unsaturated fatty acids causes a higher mobility and stability of the membranes.
Lecithin as an emulsion excipient is an important component of Magnesi-a-gold. Fatty acids like DHA need lecithin for their incorporation in the organism.
Breeding: a constant application (2-3 times per week) during breeding is beneful for the growth of young pigeons. You can apply Magnesi-a-gold in turns with Tarsin.
Journey period: Magnesi-a-gold is very important before journey period starts. Magnesi-a-gold should be applied to carrier pigeons daily for a week in spring just before carrier pigeons are left for flight. Magnesi-a-gold prevents and reduces muscle overacidification. It supports blood circulation. During journey period Magnesi-a-gold should only be applied at the beginning of the week. The pigeons are calmer and have more time for regeneration. At the beginning of the journey period the pigeon needs a higher amount of magnesium. With trained pigeons the application of Magnesi-a-gold can be reduced. When constantly applied no other magnesium support is necessary.
Moult: during moult the DHA, the well-balanced amino acid spectrum and the lecithin in Magnesi-a-gold is of highest importance.
Dosage: Breeding: 3 x per week 1 level dosage spoon/kg grain food Journey period: before the beginning of the training flights 1 level dosage spoon/kg grain food daily for a week, after that 2 days per week. During journey season 1-2 level dosage spoons/kg grain food at the beginning of the week (Monday or Tuesday, if Sunday is the day of return) dependent on the stress of the pigeon during flight. Moult: 3 x per week 1 level dosage spoon/kg grain foo
Package insert: 1 dosage spoon, level = 4 g
Important information: After opening the vacuum welded plastic bag you better store the Magnesi-a-gold in a food storage box in the refridgerator.
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