Picolyt Calcium Drink

 Picolyt calcium drink
A liquid supplementary feed for Poultry for the prevention of nutritional calcium deficiency symptoms
Calcium supports the formation of bones and feathers, promotes the formation of eggshells.
Composition: calcium chloride, sodium chloride

Feeding recommendation:
For winds and crumbs and feathers, add 20 ml (= about 2 tablespoons) per day to one liter of drinking water for 4 weeks. During the remainder of the year, 1 tablespoon per liter of drinking water is given to maintain the state of health and general well-being.
The potions are to be re-installed daily and cleaned.

Crude protein 4% Water 82%
Crude fat <0.3% Crude fiber <0.3%
Lysine 2.8% raw ash 12.8%
Calcium 4% methionine 1.8%
Sodium 0.2%

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