About Us

Welcome to the Northstar Doves Website!

We specialize in breeding and raising pigeons, doves, finches, canaries, budgies, and a few other exotic birds.

We also sell a large selection of products to meet the needs of successfully raising these birds. Products we carry include feed, vitamins, minerals, coop supplies, learning material and much more.

At NorthStar Doves we provide dove releases for many special occasions. In the past, special occasions have included weddings, birthdays, funerals, grand openings, and anniversaries. We are also very involved in the sport of pigeon racing and sell products to help you maintain and enhance the health and performance of your birds. NorthStar Doves has the exclusive rights to sell the TauRIS Racing System and its line of products in Canada.

Throughout the year we offer live birds for sale. As prices and stock vary from bird to bird and from season to season, please call or email to confirm stock and pricing on birds you are interested in.

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit To Our Site.

Guido Pfiffner