Dove Release

Internationally the dove is a symbol of love, loyalty and peace. Whatever the occasion, releasing white doves will give an event a touch of class. Once only available to the rich and the royal, today white dove releases can be enjoyed by everyone. The release of white doves will make the occasion not soon to be forgotten by your friends and family. We arrange release packages which are designed to meet your needs. Our doves fly year round, and can fly during any occasion. Releasing a pair of white doves who fly home together at a wedding, is a powerful symbolizing event, which is a sign of the bride and grooms new life together. A dove release will create an unique event, which will be remembered by you and your guests for years to come. 


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Because we are looking out for the well being of our birds, we have to ensure the safety of our birds flight to their loft after a release. The following is our policy:1. Doves will never be released while weather conditions are severe, such as high winds, heavy fog, thunderstorms, and heavy snowfall or rain. In case of any of these events, there will be no charge.

Night releases are not allowed and doves will not be released if they can not arrive home before nightfall. Commonly a cutoff time for a release is within 2 to 3 hours before sunset, but varies depending on the distance needed for them to travel home. 3. Doves will not be released in areas of high predator risk. 4. Doves will not be released indoors.