Links to other great sites!


The following is a list of links to the websites of the companies we get our products from, they are full of great information including news articles, detailed product information, research, testamonials, and much more. Sites are in alphabetical order.


Theodor Backs, the oldest european company to specialize in pigeon supplements, a very well known and respected company within pigeon racing. They also sell products for poultry, rodents, birds, and dogs.
Horst Stengel & Sohn e.K. which sells identity rings for poultry, pigeons, and small birds


MedPet www.
Medpet, which is a supplier of quality medicines, vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals, and other animal health products.
Paccomfilms, production company of the popular pigeon racing film series "Secrets of Champions"
Homesite of Pigeon Vitality who sells racing products Pigeon products including improver and antifungal.
Homesite of European based Quiko which specializes in selling food and accessories for birds and small animals.
re-scha specializes in the production of nutrional supplements and in the production and distribution of biological active pharmaceuticals

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