NorthStar Doves is proud to announce that one of our birds a Young Hen 2012 tag 251 Blue Checker is one of the winning equal first troop birds that scored first place in the EDMONTON CLASSIC 2012 ONE LOFT RACE.

North Star Doves imports from Theodor Backs Germany, We will be taking orders for 2014 youngsters. Please Call or Email for a Pedigree.

Also her Brother tag number 251 who is a Blue Bar won 23rd place in the same race.
These two birds came from a flock of Germany imports, NorthStar Doves has other youngsters from the same flock for Sale.

We have pigeons for sale all year round. Breeds we have include rollers, fantials, indian fantails, Jacobins, racing pigeons, flyers, and american show rollers.

Prices on birds change depending on many factors please call us if interested in any birds.

If interested in purchasing birds please contact us.