Amino 650 Gr

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Feed supplement for ornamental birds
Every Protein molecule is made up of small molecules called amino acids. AMINO is a large source of all essential amino acids that are indispensable for a good metabolism. In a bird’s intestines, Proteins are broken down and absorbed as amino acids. Some amino acids cannot be produced by birds themselves. Therefore, these amino acids must be given to the birds as a supplement. If certain amino acids are missing in a bird’s diet, these birds can become vulnerable to disease and develop a dull feather structure. Birds require a greater amount of Protein during the moulting and breeding period or the growth periods of fledglings. With its high content in essential amino acids, AMINO guarantees optimal provision and high biological value.
Analytical ingredients: Protein min. 84%, Fat, max. 3%, Ash max. 4.2%, Moisture max. 7.5%