Backs pigeon tea (belgian mixture 300 gr

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Backs Taubentee has been formulated based on the experience of top Belgian fanciers. Many famous fanciers regard this selected herbal mix (it consists of 21 different plants, herbs, leaves, roots or blossoms) as the secret of their success. Experience shows that in a short time the pigeons acquire an excellent shape and burst with health. Breeders who have given their pigeons this tea just once never want to do without it again. Backs pigeon tea has a blood-cleansing, strengthening, appetite-stimulating effect. You too should give your pigeons this tea.

How to UseTo one litre of water add one heaped tablespoon of Backs pigeon tea, boil for approx. three minutes, then allow to draw for � to �-hour. Then pour through a strainer and allow to cool.

Backs pigeon tea can be given throughout the year. Experience shows however that it should be given as a treatment (for a week at a time) to prepare for breeding, before the racing season and during moulting. During the racing season always on the day following the flight.