Cod-Liver oil

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This liver oil is distinguished by its especially high quality and is well-suited for adding to feed. Thanks to its high content of vitamin A and D3, liver oil replaces the sun in early spring, autumn and winter.

Backs hint:
Give Backs liver oil with the food and mix with VI-SPU-MIN or Backs Bierhefe. So your pigeons will live quite well the spring-, autumn- and winter-months.

Feed material for pigeons

Analytical constituents: 100 % crude oils and fats

Instructions for proper use: Backs cod-liver oil is mixed with the feed. For drying off the feed we recommend Backs Protein Plus, Backs VI-SPU-MIN and in winter Backs willow bark powder. We recommend administration twice a week two weeks before coupling, during the breeding period, to separated young birds and during the moulting period. During the winter period we recommend administration once a week.

Dosage: Administer 5 ml for 20 pigeons once  a day over the feed.