H-Plant Dried Veg

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Dried Vegetables - Feed supplement for birds

· Feed-grade quality vegetable mix

· Contains broccoli for vitamin C, vitamin K and calcium

· Contains carrots for fibre, vitamin A, vitamin B8 and iron

· Contains white cabbage for added fibre, potassium and folic acid

· Contains spinach for protein and iron

· Contains courgette to help maintain good blood sugar levels and aid digestion

· Contains bell peppers which are high in vitamin C and anti-inflammatory benefits

· Keeps egg-food moist

· Makes egg-food more appealing for fussy eaters

· No colours or preservatives

Composition: Broccoli, carrots, white cabbage, spinach, courgette, bell pepper.

Recommended use: Leave Plant to soak in water 2- 4 times the weight of product. Then mix with eggfood.

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