Improver™ 200 g

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So unique and good that it held a word-wide patent as a “green antibiotics”. It is added to the drinking water, and kills the “bad bacteria”, while it at same time stimulates the natural microflora in the intestines (the “good bacteria”). All resulting in great vitality and good immune defense system. Dosage: 2.5 gram (2.5 gram = 1 enclosed mesurelevel=1/2 teaspoon). The racers may get it the day of return and the day after, to aid rapid recupteration. The breeders and the young birds may have Improver at 50% dosage 3 days per week (3 days in a row or every 2nd day). Same dosage is recommended for all pigeons in the moulting season. Note: Concentrate! 200gram will last for 40 week with 100 pigeons.