Nettle Powder 200 gr

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contains many natural elements such as vitamins, minerals, iron, histamine and secretin. Generally nettel is reputed to have a detoxifying effect. That means the administration is recommend over an extended period before the breeding and during the moulting.

ADDITIVE for pigeons

Additives per kg: Flavouring compounds: substances the inclusion of which in feeding stuffs increases feed smell or palatability: 1000000 mg

Directions for use: Backs nettle powder is mixed with the moistened feed. It can be given the whole year through. We recommend to administer nettle powder on five consecutive days before coupling and before the racing season. During the racing season it should be administered in the middle of the week on two days, during moulting and to weaned youngsters on two days in the week.

Dosage: 1 leveled measuring spoon for 20 pigeon