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Recup-Lyt by Oropharma – Versele Laga is a mixture of electrolytes for optimal recovery for racing pigeons.

Complementary feed for pigeons. Oropharma Recup-Lyt is a unique blend of electrolytes on a glucose basis. This dietary supplement ensures a balanced hydration in tissues and organs, helps pigeons recover faster after the competition, prevents dehydration and promotes recovery after illness. Electrolytes are salts and minerals. Pigeons lose fluids with important minerals for the body such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium and chloride during heavy exertion. In cases of long term deficiencies of these electrolytes the pigeon becomes less able to retain fluids, their stamina decreases rapidly and the performance reduces greatly. By giving Recup-Lyt before exertion you give your pigeon the chance to build up fluid and electrolyte reserves. In addition the fluid-electrolyte balance recovers quickly after the exertion, the lactic acid is discharged more quickly from the muscles and the iron levels in the blood are restored.

Directions for use:
– 1 sachet of Recup-Lyt per litre of drinking water.
– During the competition season: pigeons are very thirsty on arrival. Give fresh drinking water +
1 tablespoon of Oropharma Glucose + Vitamins per litre of water. The drinking water for arriving
birds must be brought up to loft temperature in advance. Refresh the drinking water after 2 hours
and make Recup-Lyt available until the day after.
– For heavy long distance flights: the day before basketing.
– During the breeding season / moulting season: once a week.
– In cases of intestinal problems (adenovirus, colibacillosis, coccidiosis): give Recup-Lyt daily until
the symptoms, such as diarrhoea have disappeared.

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein: 0 %
Crude fat: 0 %
Crude ash: 7,18 %
Crude fibre: 0  %
Sodium: 19.600 mg/kg

Sodium chloride
Potassium chloride
Magnesium sulphate
Calcium chloride

Small box 240gr, 12 sachets x 20gr