Secrets Of Champions II

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Following his best-selling "Secrets of Champions", Jim Jenner is on the road again to help you learn more from some of the pigeon sports most consistent winners. Filmed in Belgium, Holland, Ireland and England this all-new program lets you in on what the champions say is the most important month in your year.

They talk about their breeding systems and how they select their feeds. But that is only part of what you'll learn from these experts. You'll also hear how they use natural substances to keep their birds in top shape. Plus, you'll learn how dramatically Old Bird racing is changing in the heart of the heaviest competition in the pigeon sport. So get ready to enjoy a relaxing and informative two hours with some of the smartest, most successful and down-to-earth experts in the pigeon racing game.

Featuring Dutch Champion Ad Schaerlaeckens, Irish Champions Ronnie Williamson & Gregg Brothers, English Champions Frank Tasker & Geoff Kirkland & More.
TOPICS FANCIERS DISCUSS: The E-Z Young Bird Light System - Give Peas a Chance - Roundabout Loft Design - ProBiotics vs Antibiotics - Polygamous Breeding Systems - Prepping Y.B. For Intl. Races - Rating Systems for Breeders - & Much More in 4 Hours!