Secrets of Champions III: Young Bird Racing

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What does it take to get your young pigeons to fly faster than all the others? What steps do some of the world's longest standing champions take with their birds, season after season, to win the big races? In this all-new documentary writer/director Jim Jenner gives you an inside look at the secrets of young bird racing. Filmed through the summer of 2007, Jim visits champions in the previous films and some fascinating new ones too. It's all to give you an inside look at what champion young bird trainers are doing to win in some of the toughest competition in the world. These fantastic fanciers share their ideas on feeding and conditioning. The secrets of darkening are explained in detail, as well as maintaining super health, preventing young bird sickness and race day motivation. It's a three hour journey inside the finest minds in the pigeon sport. An entertaining film that will help you be a winner with young birds too! The British Homing World says: "The Cream of the Crop! They just get better."