Secrets of Champions VI: "To Boldly Go

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In this all-new film Jim proves the central message of his award-winning Secrets of Champions series ... that there are many undiscovered stars in the pigeon racing universe. Jim "boldly goes" on a search for these stars in corners of the sport where others seldom tread. In the summer of 2011, Jim and his film crew visited Germany, French-speaking Belgium, Wales and Southern Ireland to bring you this informative and entertaining tour of famous lofts, and others that should be famous. You'll meet Germany's famous Dr. Brockamp and the two-time South African race-winning Klass Family; Wales' amazing Derek Flowers and Dublin's incredible Gerry Omara. These are only four of the TWO DOZEN champions you'll meet on this four-hour tour.
TOPICS FANCIERS DISCUSS: The E-Z Young Bird Light System - Give Peas a Chance - Roundabout Loft Design - ProBiotics vs AntiBiotics - Polygamous Breeding Systems - Prepping Y.B. For Intl. Races - Rating Systems for Breeders - & Much More in 4 Hours!