Turbo Flight

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Pigeons typically fly at higher speed (e.g. 100 km/hour) the first hour of the race while flying on glycogen and carbohydrates (fats) in the blood stream and those stored in the liver.

How to use Turbo Flightô?

Based on the experience from the field testing we recommend the following:


  • Add 1 dinner spoon Turbo Flight™ to 1 litre grain (0.8 kilo).
  • Give the Turbo Flight™/grain mixture to the pigeons the day of basketing (morning and noon), basket them in the afternoon and race next day within 24 hours.
  • Give Turbo Flight only when the pigeons will stay one night or less in the basket. If the pigeons is not allowed to fly within 24 hours after the “Turbo Flight™ meal”, they will use their added energy for fighting in the basket …even the hens start fighting!


  • Preferably make the Turbo Flight™ mixture the day before it is given to the pigeons, because in this way the oil is absorbed into the grain.